AIOD Bridge Programs

AIOD Bridge Programs

Our Bridge Program aims to equip participants with skills and competencies and the soft skills which will make them more employable and enterpreneurs as well.

One major challenge confronting fresh graduates in the search of job after National Service is lack of of relevant work experience or required practical skills. Most of our academic program has 70% theory and 30% practical. This 30% practical is mostly done in the academic environment which does not enable the graduate to acquire experience in real working environment. Employers look for applicants who can at least translate their thought into actions and abilities that would contribute to the performance and effectiveness of the organization operations or units. It is in line with this that AIOD and its National and International Partners has developed the Bridge Program to equip graduates with the more practical skills and training to equip them with real time working experience and skills to facilitate their growth. The Bridge Program is a 12 Week of 4 Modular Course scheduled over 9 months. Participants complete intensive classroom sessions with field practical, peer / facilitator mentoring and coaching in real time stimulation

What you will receive

Career Skills

Career skills that prepare you to get and do a real job.


You will also get the opportunity to do internship with our partners that get you even closer to having a great job.